Grace Lutheran Church, Moab (LCMS)

Grace Lutheran Church 360 West 400 North Moab UT  84532


Mission Statement:

The mission of this congregation shall be to serve its members and to spread the kingdom of God by the preaching of the Word of God, by administration of the Sacraments and by the religious instruction of youth and adults, according to the confessional standard of the Lutheran Church. Missouri Synod (Article 3)”

Synod Type:  Lutheran Church Missouri Synod

Current Membership Numbers: 27 Confirmed, 28 Baptized

Date of official Charter: December 31, 1946

Names of Charter Members: Information not available

Pastors Served:

Rev. N.W. Heimsoth               1952-1954

Rev. John Dreher                    1955-1957

Rev. Dale Schultz                   1957-1959; 1961-62, 1965-1977

Rev. John Cramer                   1915-1961

Rev. John Friertag                   1962-1964

Rev. B.E. Staake                     1964

Rev. Robin O Fink                  1964-1965

Rev. Mervyn Bauer                 1977-1978

Rev. Marcus Lang                   1978-1979

Vicar Gary Childs                   1980

Rev. David Dahl                    1981

Rev. Tim Miller                      1981-1986

Rev. David Dahl                     1986-1987

Lay Minister John Maynard    1987-1997

Lay ministry Richard Evans   1997-1999

Rev. David C. Dahl                2000-Current


Grace Lutheran was started in the 1950’s due to the Uranium mining in the area of Moab.  At one time the membership was 60.

Our Sanctuary was dedicated on 11/5/61.

GLC has struggled to survive at times.  However, by the grace of our dear Lord and Savior, the congregation continues proclaiming the Gospel and is planning for the time when there can be a resident pastor in Moab to serve a growing congregation.

The present members are very faithful, dedicated, and willing to work.

  • Rev. N.W. Heimsoth from Grand Junction, Co held occasional services in people’s homes.
  • Rev. John Dreher was installed to provide services in Farmington, N.M and  Grace Lutheran Church. He resided in Farmington.
  • Rev. Dale Schultz served as “Missionary-at-Large” in Cortez, Co and Grace Lutheran Church. He resided in Cortez.
  • Rev. John Cramer was assigned by the Board of Assignments as a Missionary-at-Large. He resided in Cortez. Accepted call to Brunsworth, Mo.
  • Rev. John Friertag served Moab and other outposts as a “Missionary-at-Large” called by the Colorado District RMD.
  • Rev. B.E. Staake from Grand Junction served as Vacancy pastor for nine months.
  • Rev. Robin O Fink served as pastor. Accepted call to Barsto, Ca.
  • Rev. Mervyn Bauer served as pastor. Accepted call to Anamoose, ND.
  • Rev. Marcus Lang from Grand Junction served as vacancy pastor.
  • Vicar Gary Childs held services in Moab and Nucla, Co.
  • Rev. David Dahl from Cortez, Co served as vacancy pastor.
  • Rev. Tim Miller served as pastor. Accepted call to Knox, Ind.
  • Rev. David Dahl from Cortez, Co served as vacancy pastor.
  • Lay Minister John Maynard served GLC.   Called to Buena Vista, Co.
  • Lay ministry Richard Evans. He resigned unexpectedly in May 2000 & was removed from the roster of the LCMS.
  • Rev. David C. Dahl, Em from Cortez, Co was installed as pastor & continues to serve with weekly services and pastoral care. Midweek services are also held at certain times of the year.  Sunday school and Bible Class is  at 8:30 a.m. and worship is at 9:30 a.m.
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